Most bizarre excuses for speeding

After speeding was recently revealed the number one driving offence (yet again) we thought we’d share some of the worst excuses for drivers putting their right foot down.

Drivers stopped for speeding have blamed nagging wives, dodgy stomachs and a desperate need to cool down as reasons for breaking the limit.

There have also been a number of bizarre/funny excuses from celebrities which we have also been included in the list below.

One drunk passenger

A motorist stopped after flying past police at 130mph said: ‘My passenger has drunk too much and I don’t want her being sick in the car.’

Plain stupid

A male driver was caught going 53mph and said ‘Sorry I thought it was a 40’

An overheated motorcyclist

‘Sorry, I’m wearing my winter leathers and I was so hot I was just trying to cool down.’

A Bad day for Beckham

In the 90’s David Beckham was caught speeding in his Ferrari Maranello and claimed he was trying to get away from a photographer who was chasing him in a white Ford fiesta.

Just going with the flow

A woman stopped travelling at 44mph in Weymouth said she was just keeping up with the flow of traffic. She changed her defence when the officer pointed out that she was the only car on the road.

Forgetful Ferdinand

Back in 2012 Rio Ferdinand was caught speeding three times by the same camera in just two months.

He should have gone to Specsavers

A driver stopped in Poole travelling at 50 mph in a 40 mph zone said: “I’m on my way to an eyesight test and didn’t see the speed limit sign.”

Our last offence, although it’s not for speeding it’s probably the funniest…

A woman stopped in Dorset for allegedly using her mobile phone while driving said that she was eating a prawn cracker and she didn’t have a phone with her.

The officer took her number and rang it. Unsurprisingly to the officer, the woman’s phone rang in the car.

The lady immediately apologised and offered the officer a prawn cracker. She was issued with a ticket.

If you have heard any bizarre excuses or made a bizarre excuse for speeding please let us know.