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Jack shortlisted for a second award in recent months

Today Team’s very own Superboy, apprentice Jack has once again been nominated for an award – this time, it’s the prestigious Apprentice of the Year in the High Sheriff’s Awards. Having gone stratospheric last year with his generally awesome approach to life, he’s down to the last 6 shortlisted candidates for this award. If he […]

Greenhouse Gases in Action?

In case you thought you’d seen it all – if you don’t happen to be out and about on social, you HAVEN’T. Click the link and have a good laugh. Bolton Road, Marland, Rochdale. A Ford Fiesta. Who knew that a Fiesta was capable of such feats of transport? Question: How the hell did they […]


Is Pollution Driving You Nuts?

Environmental issues are at the forefront of everyone’s minds at the moment. And Birmingham City Council want to combat urban pollution with their new transport plan, which allows you to go into but not through the city centre. They’re also investigating the possibility of rerouting the A38 and creating a 20 mph speed limit on […]


Fine hanging over you? What you need to know

You may really like your Today Team air freshener. It hangs at a jaunty angle from your rear view mirror, filling your vehicle with its delicious scent. Today Team gave it you. It’s not just an air freshener. It’s a reminder of the excellence of the 24 hour courier service you know and love. And […]

Home-Grown Produce makes all the Difference to Today Team

Best advice from Jamie Boyd for growing your business? Start by growing your people. As part of his plans for the business, Jamie knew he needed to be spending less time on day-to-day operations and more time on strategic development. But how to get to that point? Working in partnership with Jayne Chadwick at People […]

Fast Food just got even Faster…and a little bit Merry!

Across the ocean, Australia has just broken all the rules by creating a new KFC Drive-Thru. With a nifty order-ahead app, you can get hold of the finger-lickin’ good stuff much more quickly, with no need to queue behind a line of cars – just pull up to one of the 5 booths and drive […]

To Infinity and Beyond – in a Ford Transit???

The funniest story we’ve come across recently has come from across the pond, from Ohio, USA. Creative Mobile Interiors customise vehicles to all sorts of specifications, creating everything from mobile offices to cool vans and executive buses. They’re clearly very talented. And they’ve been up to something they’ve never done before… One of their recent […]

Mobile Phone Loophole Gets Closure

The current laws on mobile phones are 16 years old and they haven’t evolved with the technology, two High Court judges say. So in July, a man who filmed a car crash two years ago using his mobile was able to challenge his conviction by saying that he wasn’t using his phone “to communicate.” The […]

Rewarding News from Today Team!

Today Team knows that the best recommendation is a happy client – a great referral from a satisfied customer is definitely our preferred way to get more business. So if you’re happy with the same-day delivery services Today Team provides, and you know someone you think would benefit from working with us too, let them […]

Brexit or no Brexit, Today Team has you covered!

The EU has announced its plans to help keep Britain moving until we’re in a post-Brexit landscape, whenever that may be – we have an extension of two contingency measures of another 7 months, which allows road haulage and air connectivity to be maintained in the event of a No-Deal Brexit. Essentially, as Sarah Laouadi, […]