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It’s Wednesday morning, it’s raining. Why get out of bed?

When Elon Musk said recently that he believed AI would replace every job, journalists jumped onto the story. Some people raised the question of the economics of this brave new world. Callers phoned into radio stations explaining why they were irreplaceable and talked about human qualities like empathy. A lot of people talked about the […]

Choosing a courier

What to look for and how you’ll benefit. There are many courier services based in the UK or based overseas and operating here. Making the right choice can make a huge difference to your operation and reputation, but when all couriers ‘promise’ safe, swift delivery how do you choose between them? What should you be […]

We are delighted to announce two significant appointments within our expanding Today Team.

Please join us in extending a warm welcome to Mike, Logistics Coordinator and Isabelle, Logistics Coordinator Apprentice (Business administration apprentice officially via college). 👋 At the core of our workplace culture at Today Team lies an unwavering commitment to employee well-being. We recognise that happy employees are the driving force behind our success and by placing […]