The Acquisition of Speedy Courier Services – One Year On.

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It’s a little over a year since Today Team acquired Speedy Courier Services. The company, founded by Angela Burnett 10 years ago, offers a high level of service to its clients.

When Angela was seeking a new challenge, she approached MD of Today Team, Jamie Boyd to gauge his interest in a potential takeover. Boyd was the natural choice due to his professional reputation in the industry.

It’s now a year on from that agreement so we’re taking a minute to ask Jamie Boyd about what the last year has been like.


It has been a year since Today Team acquired Speedy Courier Services. How has the integration process been, and what have been the biggest challenges and successes?

The integration has been an overall success, the main thing for me with the changeover was keeping things as smooth as possible for the new clients, while not affecting any of our loyal original ones, I think looking back, we’ve ticked this box. The challenges were mainly things out of our control related to technology and I’m glad to say we got there in the end, if it was frustrating at times.


How has the acquisition affected Today Team’s overall operations and service capabilities? Have there been any significant changes or improvements?

As the work was very similar to the work we were already doing, there was no huge learning curve, just more getting to know the clients themselves and of course, their requirements, which to be fair is just how we do things at TT anyway, we get to know people and what’s important to them and their work.


What are the strategic goals for Today Team in the coming year, and how does the acquisition fit into your long-term vision for the company?

In terms of the general plan, to keep the momentum we have going this year and beyond. In terms of the acquisition, we were hoping the first one would help us with the learning and experience taken from actually doing something like this, not just reading about it, but for the also for the first one to set us up for seriously considering doing more as part of our growth plans, I would say having made number one a success, we’re keen and on the lookout for number two.


What lessons have you learned from this acquisition that could be applied to future business opportunities or integrations?

I think all the day to day practical / operational learnings. I also think there is also something to be said for the outgoing founder leaving their valued clients in the hands of someone that has shared vales and ultimately they can trust, as opposed to one of the corporate ‘big boys’ who look at clients as just another account, or someone via a business broker they have no knowledge of. It was important for Angela that the client base were looked after well and I’m sure if she spoke to any of them 12 months on they would confirm the team have done a great job of servicing them.


What would you say to anyone reading this who is thinking about a possible exit from their courier business?

Feel free to drop me a line for a cup of tea and let’s see if we can get things to a ‘win – win’. We have a great team here that prides themselves on the way we look after clients. It means you can move on to your next chapter with the peace of mind that they are in safe hands. Having completed our first acquisition, we’re confident that the second one will go as smoothly.