80 years of the driving test

80 years ago the Road Traffic Act was introduced which meant all new drivers had to be tested.This came after many fatalities due to and earlier ruling that did away with speed limits.

The test has changed lots since the 1930’s as cars, roads and driving styles have evolved.

In 1996 the written theory test was introduced as an extra stage to making the countries roads safer and later in 2002 the hazard perception test was added as a further measure.

Current overall pass rate is only 42% and the first time pass rate is even lower! (well done to all those that passed first time)

One learner paid somebody so take his theory test after failing 18 times but was caught out (the stand in he sent also failed!) and another tried (and failed) to bribe an instructor on her 5th practical test!

The test will always be a milestone in peoples lives and the door way to the open road (and becoming a courier maybe?)

To mark the occasion the Daily Mirror have put a quiz on their website, do you know your road signs well enough to get 10 out of 10?