2 man deliveries – have you been overcharged?

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Have you been charged for 2 delivery drivers to deliver an item when 1 would do? We’ve heard about this problem many times from customers, it’s so common that our customers thought it was standard practice!

When a customer has a high value item that needs to be always guarded while in transit and during delivery, some of our competitors are charging for 2 drivers, so 1 to drive the vehicle with the high value goods and the other to escort, ready to help out at the delivery address when driver number 1 needs to leave the vehicle to speak to someone on site about where the drop off point is etc. The client is therefore paying for another driver to make the same journey just to be able to help at the delivery address for a few minutes. This costing the client nearly double what it should.

How do we do things differently?

We deal with these kinds of deliveries all the time, it’s what we do. We’re used to working with high value items from the IT, medical and telecoms industries. When we get a request to deliver a high value item, we ensure we allocate a driver to deliver the goods from A to B, making sure they don’t leave the vehicle unattended at any time, not even for a quick coffee break at a service station! We then allocate another driver, local to the delivery address to meet the delivery driver at the address to help with the delivery of the item.

This means the customers pays for one delivery driver to transport the goods to its destination and one driver to meet the delivery driver at the delivery address, which would take about 10-15 minutes. The client therefore isn’t paying the delivery fee twice, instead they’re paying an additional small fee for another local driver to meet at the delivery address.

We successfully did this for a local IT business who had won a contract with a large hotel chain to supply and fit their IT software and equipment, they were very impressed with the service and of course the cost saving.